Writing Support

Custom Writing & Editing Services

My goal is to help you find your voice and get your message out to the world in a format that’s clear, accessible, and engaging for your audience. Whether you’re a professional who wants a sharp eye to proof your documents, a student who’s trying to get going on a research paper, or a small business owner who needs dynamic copy for your website, I’ve got the skills, experience, and insight to assist you with any writing challenge.

What can I do for you?

There are lots of ways I can help you find the words you’re looking for; below are just a few. I know that each project is unique, so I’m always happy to create a customized blend of services to see your ideas through from beginning to end.

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You tell me what you want, and I’ll bring it into existence. Maybe you need…

  • Attention-getting text for your business website
  • Lots and lots and lots of pre-written posts to keep your social media presence fresh
  • Blog posts or articles that drive traffic to your business
  • Email marketing sequences that build real relationships with your customers
  • A holiday letter that turns your family memories into exciting, funny, or poignant stories
  • Opinion articles that express YOUR views in a concise and persuasive way
  • Educational resources for your clients, such as informational handouts or PDF downloads
  • Or something else – the possibilities are limited only by your imagination!


You’ve written something, and you want to make it better. That’s where I come in…

  • Proofreading: You’re basically done, but you need someone to check that report for typos and grammatical errors before you give it to the boss.
  • Editing: You feel like your website/research paper/story/blog post/etc. could be better, but you’re not sure how – or maybe you have a hunch about what the piece needs, but you’re uncertain about how to make it happen. I’ll work with you to refine your writing so it achieves your goals.
  • Reviewing: You have a website or a manuscript and you’ve put in every finishing touch you could think of; now you want someone to check it out, give you feedback, and suggest ways to take it to the next level.

Coaching, Consulting, Tutoring

Need help getting started or getting unstuck? Not sure why you headed down this creative path in the first place? I’ll be your cheerleader. I’ll help you reconnect with inspiration. And I’ve got a great big bag of English teacher tools and resources to help you master the technical stuff and get back to putting words on paper (or on a screen, as the case may be). I offer…

  • Talking it out – When you have an idea and aren’t sure where to go with it, I’ll help you make a plan (and I’ll support you in following through).
  • Getting unblocked – Wanting to write, but having trouble getting started? I’ll be your personal trainer, giving you assignments, pushing you gently, and encouraging you all the way.
  • Looking for structure – Maybe you’re not blocked, but life keeps getting in the way of your creative dreams. I’ll remind you that your art is worth your time, and I’ll help you figure out ways to build writing into your regular schedule.
  • Academic support – I’ve spent many years tutoring high school and college students facing every imaginable writing task (including standardized tests and college application essays). If you or someone you know is struggling with an assignment, call me! I’ll help you get it straightened out.

How do I get started?

Feeling excited? Feeling nervous? Feeling the unmistakable tingle of a new idea about to bubble to the surface? Great! Let’s collaborate! Just use the contact form below to tell me what you have in mind. I look forward to working with you!



Is any project too big or too small?


What are your rates?

Rates vary, depending on the nature of the project. Contact me with your idea and we’ll determine a fair price together.

Do you only work with local coaching clients?

Yes, I only take clients within a five block radius of my house. Just kidding! It doesn’t matter where you are. I love getting to know people from all over the world through Skype, FaceTime, or phone sessions. This format works great for coaching or tutoring, because you can hang up the phone and dive right in while the creative juices are flowing!

What are your feelings about the Oxford comma, its usage, and its relevance to modern society?

The question itself contains the answer, but if you want to know WHY I’ve chosen the side that I have, check out this article. That said, my feelings are only my feelings, and if your project requires that the notorious OC be omitted, I have no philosophical, moral or ethical problem with that.

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